Quick Data Backup Recovery For Cannabis Businesses in Alaska

Loss of data is one of the biggest problems that a business can encounter in today’s tech world. Though advancement in servers and hard drive technology have ensured that fewer businesses fall victim to data corruption or failures, the problem still arises.

That’s why it is important to have backups and backup recovery systems in place so that a failed IT system can be restored with minimal data loss. At DanTech Services, we offer a suite of data backup and disaster recovery strategies for Anchorage, AK businesses

Managed & Remote IT Services

Systems today can be built to securely provide remote access for management. This saves your business time and money as 85% of our support can be done this way.

Knowledge & Support

Solution-oriented through experience and cost-awareness allows your business to receive the benefits of our extensive knowledge base of business support.

Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7

Your system receives 24/7 monitoring through our services, leading to quicker identification and resolution of problems.

Why DanTech Services ?

We understand the needs and complexities of your business