Network Security for Cannabis Businesses in Alaska

Hackers are out there. Consistently attempting to get to your network. Small businesses are as much a target as any other business sector. Botnets have no conscience, care or concern about where their attacks lead and which networks get compromised. Your data is at risk every hour of every day. Yet what if your network connection to the Internet was virtually invisible to the hackers, botnets, and thieves? Let us show you what our system looks like and how your network can be a ghost on the Internet.

Threats also come from the inside! Social engineering, phishing, spear phishing, CEO fraud–this is just a small sampling of how users can bring down your network by one simple click. 

Traditionally, the idea of technological surveillance systems tends to be complicated, one that includes lots of screens and constant monitoring. New security technologies from DanTech Services make that a thing of the past with our easy to understand systems and tailor-made services designed for home, store, or business locations. Security in Anchorage is more important than ever with hard times, and it’s important you keep your company safe.

Managed & Remote IT Services

Systems today can be built to securely provide remote access for management. This saves your business time and money as 85% of our support can be done this way.

Knowledge & Support

Solution-oriented through experience and cost-awareness allows your business to receive the benefits of our extensive knowledge base of business support.

Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7

Your system receives 24/7 monitoring through our services, leading to quicker identification and resolution of problems.

Why DanTech Services ?

We understand the needs and complexities of your business