Our state has an admirable history when it comes to cannabis. Personal use was deemed legal by a unanimous state Supreme court decision in 1975 (Ravin v. State). From there on, those that attempted control waged their battles through ballot initiatives, legislation, courts, and shame. Yet the people prevailed.

In November 2014, Alaskan voters approved the cultivation and use of marijuana by persons over 21 years of age. It also allowed the state to set up the requisite control boards, licensing, and rules for dispensaries to sell cannabis to the public. By fall 2016, the first legal sales were made.

Taxes collected in 2017 were just short of $1.75 million, which was a small taste of things to come. Tax receipts jumped to $10.8 million in 2018. Taxes doubled again by 2020 with receipts in excess of $24 million–pandemic and all. Taxes collected on marijuana are about 55% of what’s collected for all alcohol sales and equals what’s collected for liquor sales. Alaska benefits through these taxes!

Needless to say, the cannabis industry in Alaska generates taxes, income, and jobs. It also relies on technology, just as virtually every other business. Our experience with businesses of all types provides a direct benefit to cannabis retailers, cultivators, and industries. I believe that over the long term, one of the other added benefits will be that law enforcement, the courts, and the lessened demand for correctional facilities will reflect a tax savings of the best kind.

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